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The foundations of a competitive service business

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The foundations of a competitive service business

If you are in a less competitive industry (as they are almost all), being and staying competitive is a condition of survival, nothing less. Here is what you should do to continue to exist on the map of your industry.
A digital presence and a brand image

Let’s be clear: 99.99% of businesses need a website to even exist. Are you dealing with a handful of good customers who don’t need you Googling and they are enough for you? Don’t take them for granted, and don’t assume they’ll be forever loyal to you: take the lead and create a fingerprint through a website. For example, if you are a plumber and wondering what your site should look like, take a look at the site of this company that has made a difference from the simple “plumber” in the area. Having done this, you must be prepared to sell yourself to potential customers at all times. An inspired business card is a perfect complement to a solid, in-person introduction, especially if it has a distinctive and eye-catching logo (the same as on your great website, of course).
An effective marketing strategy

There is also resistance to this element for “the old folks” who feel they don’t need to sell themselves. You don’t need to go broke, there are several creative and inexpensive approaches you can take to get noticed by your potential customers. One of the most popular approaches right now is the use of social media. You want to be visible where people are, and these digital platforms are a great place to start. Another inexpensive way (in money and especially in time) to let your potential customers know that you exist is the distribution of forms in strategic places. The same rule as for the business card prevails here: you want to produce a clear and attractive document, but above all original enough not to end up in a recycling bin (at least not before customers have contacted you).
Finding customers

This is the nerve of war. In the long term, you want to have a strategy that will keep your customer volume constant enough to keep your business financially stable. One way to do this is to get your existing customers to refer to their acquaintances in one way or another. Word of mouth (positive) remains the most effective marketing technique for ensuring a continuous flow of customers without much effort. Otherwise, here are also four other simple strategies you could consider to acquire new customers.

Being in business (long enough for it to be worth mentioning) means respecting the law of the jungle: eat or be eaten. No matter how successful your business is today, you have to do everything you can to stay competitive. If you don’t, someone else will do it for you and reap the benefits that could have been yours.

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