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The 10 electric motorcycles that burst the screen in 2019

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The 10 electric motorcycles that burst the screen in 2019

This year again, manufacturers have given themselves to heart to reveal concepts of future (or not) models of electric motorcycles. L’Usine Nouvelle returns today to nine significant announcements of 2019.

Zero Motorcycles SR / F

The American manufacturer of electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles has revealed its new machine. Called SR / F, the streetfighter is described as the most powerful and innovative in the business.

Curtiss Motor Psyche

A follower of electric motorcycles with the names of Greek gods and futuristic designs, the American manufacturer Curtiss Motors tackles the heavyweight Harley-Davidson directly. Called Psyche, its new model will compete with the American giant’s Livewire, with a similar price of $ 30,000 (around € 27,000).

BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster

Three years after having unveiled the first concept, BMW is giving a new glimpse of its vision of the motorcycle of the future. A worthy heir to thermal models, the Motorrad Vision DC Roadster aims above all to be recognizable, with its apparent electric motor and battery, and a very dynamic appearance.

Kawasaki Ninja

Kawasaki has been working for years on the development of its first electric motorcycle. In November, the Japanese firm gave an update on the progress of its work. The future model would have a power of 20 kW for acceleration and a cruising power of about 10 kW, with a range of 100 kilometers. The project is only at the research stage.

Newron EV1

Wood fairing, huge apparent battery … Its silhouette could surprise more than one and yet the Newron EV1 should soon be marketed and become one of the first 100% electric motorcycles made in France.

New Deak Design’s Tryal

Big winner of the 2019 edition of the Rizoma Design Challenge competition, vehicle category, Tryal is a mini electric motorcycle with a very particular aspect. Its rounded triangular frame is supported by 14-inch wheels. In the words of the designer, the machine, if it were to be produced, would be accessible to all, novices as experienced two-wheelers.

Nawa racer from Nawa Technologies

The French Nawa Technologies has unveiled a new concept of an electric motorcycle with a futuristic aspect. The model has a lithium-ion battery, coupled with supercapacitors. According to the manufacturer, this should greatly increase the power and range of the two-wheeler, while reducing its weight.

BST Hypertek

The South African designer Pierre Terblanche (a former Ducati) imagined this futuristic electric motorcycle, Hypertek, whose design seems straight out of the Lego universe. It is not a toy but a road motorcycle intended to be produced in (small) series.

An unnamed all-terrain electric motorcycle concept from Harley Davidson

Present at CES 2019, Harley-Davidson unveiled two concepts of electric two-wheelers, including an all-terrain motorcycle. Notable detail: the presence of rear and front suspensions with a fork that recalls the style of motorcycles of the American manufacturer.

Honda CR Electric

Honda unveiled a dirtbike concept in March at the Tokyo Motor show. Its frame and fork are reminiscent of the company’s CRF all-terrain motorcycle series, most notably the CRF250R.

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