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Software essential for all entrepreneurs

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Software essential for all entrepreneurs

It is necessary to create a work environment that makes it as easy as possible for tasks that are not directly related to your activity. You will be able to focus on what really matters to your business while professionalizing your procedures.

There are an incredible number of tools and initiatives to facilitate many aspects of your business. We have voluntarily chosen to limit ourselves to those who seemed essential to organize your work, your presence on the web and your business. Quite simply and at a lower cost. This article is provided by Kiwili all-in-one business management software.

1) Organize with Google Drive

Texts, Excel tables, PowerPoint presentations, online storage, Google’s online solution makes it easy to create and organize the main types of documents you will need for free. You can easily share these documents with your employees, and they are accessible from any browser, on the phone or on the computer.

Thanks to comments and version tracking, documents will evolve collectively. The advantage is that you can connect these documents to other applications or online services using the sharing links. The application version also authorizes work on offline documents, which will be updated when you reconnect.

2) Create your website

If you do not have the means to offer the services of a web agency (which is most certainly the case if you start), two solutions are available to you: do it by yourself or use a service Key in hand.

WordPress is the most used website creator in the world and it is not without reason. With almost total freedom and thousands of plug-ins, it allows you to create all types of sites (or almost). However, it requires a minimum of knowledge on the web to be well used. If many features are free, there are also many that are paid, such as themes for example. It therefore requires autonomy and time. However, with the huge existing community and thousands of free plug-ins, you can achieve great results at low cost.

On the other hand, online solutions simplify the creation of websites as much as possible with a monthly subscription. Orson.io is an interesting option for all those who do not have the skills or the time to get started in creating a website. For $ 30 per month, you have an all-inclusive service and many customizable themes. This type of service allows you to have a real follow-up and to avoid having to manage your website entirely by yourself.

3) Have visuals

Creating visuals for your website or social networks can seem complicated. There is however a simple and free tool that will help you create visuals in different formats: Canva.

It allows you to create visuals for the web or for printing without prior technical knowledge. Just “drag and drop” elements onto a selected template, then play with the titles, colors and shapes as you wish.

Pair with royalty-free image banks such as Flickr and Splash, or free icons from Flatiron, you should be able to create attractive visuals without making your life too much. Try to be simple and effective, and take inspiration from trends on Pinterest or Dribble for example.

4) Publish on social networks

After defining your strategy and your editorial line, planning your publications is a compulsory step if you don’t want to waste your time publishing each content by hand. Tools such as Hoot suite allow you to go very far in analyzing your publications, organizing your monitoring, but they involve spending time to configure and assimilate them.

Buffer is the answer for those who don’t want to make life difficult and focus on publishing content. The free plan is more than enough to get started. You can connect 3 social profiles, and schedule 10 publications per account.

5) Kiwili

Kiwili is an all-in-one online management software that has its roots in Montreal. Created by and for entrepreneurs, Kiwili is a direct response to the needs of businesses. It provides software that brings together all of the functionality necessary for managing your business:

    Accounting, to carefully monitor its expenditure and income items. Once your account is set up, each of your payments and invoices will go directly into your balance sheet.

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