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Small and large agricultural processing units

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Small and large agricultural processing units

Do you want to start an agricultural transformation business? Do you want to know the best ideas and opportunities in agribusiness in 2019? We list here agricultural transformation units with real potential according to the capital invested.

Why create an agricultural business?

Well, if you hadn’t already noticed, it’s very likely that if there were no farmers in the world, then starvation and poverty would become our daily life. Agriculture is undoubtedly one of the main industries in most countries in the world; it’s the industry that produces food for the people and also contributes to making money.

Because of the important role played by the agricultural sector, governments in most countries are careful to subsidize seedlings, fertilizers, and agricultural tools and machines, and also encourage entrepreneurs to get into farming.

Small scale food processing

    Small soy processing plant: soy milk, tofu and yogurt

    Sausage and sausage manufacturing in general

    Cassava processing plant

    Rice mill

    Corn and sorghum grind

    Corn processing plant

    Palm oil extraction mill

    flour mill

Medium-scale food preparation

    Honey processing plant

    Poultry feed factory

    Small-scale fruit juice and jam manufacturing plant

    Tomato paste and ketchup production unit

    Peanut processing plant

    Coffee roasting plant

    Coffee processing plant

    Cassava processing plant

Modern food processing units

    Water purification and bottling plant

    Modern Slaughterhouse

    Cattle farming and beef production

    Dairy processing plant

    Sugar cane production plant

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