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How to Improve Education System in West Pakistan

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How to Improve Education System in West Pakistan

Education is one supply which might single-handedly turns the fortune for any nation and might be the most effective and most acceptable answer for any of the various drawback any state goes through. West Pakistan is one in all those countries that area unit browsing such a lot of issues and it can’t be wrong to mention that the state is being encircled by many threatening issues, amongst such issues education drawback is on the highest of the list and it’s the very fact that a lot of of the issues are created thanks to the deficiency of education within the native public.

There area unit such a lot of sub-problems during this regard of education that should be resolved on high priority as a result of they’re crucial. There area unit such a lot of problems that ought to be addressed  so the education ought to prevail within the country. The each basic issue is that the country has relevant policies relating to the academic practices however they’re not followed.

As per the Article 25-A within the constitution of West Pakistan it’s the duty of the organization to produce free quality education to the cohort of five years to sixteen years, however this is often not being practiced. therefore to boost the education the essential step is that the education ought to be created mandatory and during this regard government ought to come to the fore and play its very important role so this basic drawback ought to be resolved.

The other terribly core instructional drawback in West Pakistan is that there’s no unity within the info of the establishments. every establishment has its own body that develops and styles the info because it is that the wrong strategy. The ministry of education ought to style the info and so ought to confirm that each one the establishments ought to follow it. this is often as a result of through such differentiation the extent of education gets disturbed and at constant level and cohort the unity disappears, therefore it’s a great deal crucial to bring accord and commonality within the info to boost the academic system of the country.

In West Pakistan there area unit 2 major instructional systems followed which has the national instructional system that has admission and Intermediate whereas the second is British instructional system that contains of O-Levels and A-Levels. this is often terribly unfortunate that the academic system has 2 categories that area unit being differentiated on the premise of economic and monetary strengths.

And this creates disparities and enhances the complicated within the students at the terribly young age, that remains in their mind throughout their lives. On this concern the govt. ought to come to the fore {and ought to|and can|and may} bring unity within the instructional system as all the individuals should have one instructional system either poor or made as this may additionally eliminate the category system within the country and ultimately will bring unity and prosperity for the state.

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