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Final slide complete on One Za’abeel’s The Link

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One Za'abeel's The Link
Ithra Dubai’s iconic One Za’abeel development has achieved a major milestone with The Link accomplishing its final slide at ground level. This part of the structure is now extended to its ultimate length of approximately 189 meters, bracing The Link for its show-stopping engineering feat where it will be lifted 100 meters above ground level to its final position connecting One Za’abeel’s two towers. A cantilevered structure will be later added, giving the Link its final shape as a cantilevered sky concourse.Image Credit: Supplied

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One Za'abeel
Currently, The Link is safely positioned over The Happiness Bridge in Dubai’s Financial District and is undergoing its final technical preparations for its epic ascent later this year.Image Credit: Supplied picture

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One Za'abeel's The Link
The Link began to take shape in a series of slides to elongate the structure to its final position before its lift. It is at its heaviest in its current position, weighing a total of 7,100 tonnes.Image Credit: Supplied

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190118 zaabeel tower
Made from composite material of steel, it required a significant 500 tonnes of force and a team of experts in the fields of construction, engineering and contracting to carry out this last slide.Image Credit: Ithra Dubai / Supplied

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While still under development, One Za’abeel has earned its reputation as an iconic structure within Dubai’s world-class skyline, the construction itself having garnered international attention.Image Credit: Supplied

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One Za'abeel's The Link
When complete, One Za’abeel will redefine the mixed-use offering in the region throughits three building structures that include The Link, and house the finest residential spaces and the world’s first urban resort. The sky concourse will make the bucket list of any jet-setting traveller for its views, ambience, world-class restaurants, and panoramic photo opportunities.Image Credit: Supplied

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One Za'abeel's The Link
About One Za’abeel: One Za’abeel is an iconic addition to Dubai’s skyline that evokes duality through the distinctive design of its two towers. It is a revolutionary high-rise mixed-use development incorporating luxury residences, a One & Only ultra-luxury hotel and serviced apartments, as well as a premium, Grade A office spaces, a retail podium, and a panoramic sky concourse.Image Credit: Supplied

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The Link 004
Its design incorporates two modern high-rise towers connected by a record-setting cantilever called ‘The Link’, dissecting the two buildings. The development has a direct bridge connection to the buzzing Dubai World Trade Center and Exhibition Center.Image Credit: Ithra / Supplied

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One Za'abeel's The Link
A symbol of ambition, innovation and the pioneering spirit of Dubai, One Za’abeel stands proudly at the heart of the city, a destination that both captivates and inspires. With residences, businesses and leisure experiences that flow seamlessly together, the impressive but approachable development will promise the people of Dubai an elevated lifestyle.Image Credit: Supplied

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