Sat. Jun 6th, 2020


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Do AirPods Work on Androids? Let’s Find out!

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If you are smartphone users, you probably ever think Do AirPods Work on Androids? Now it is time to get the answer to this question.

Yes, your AirPods will work on Android smartphones, but there are some limitations. You will not have the full features of AirPods. Features like music pause when you remove one from the ear or double-tap to pause/play music are not available. There you may also face some sound quality issues. The reason behind this is just compatibility issues. Because AirPods are compatible with Apple iPhones.

Now, after getting the answer to the above question, the question arises that how to connect AirPods with Android? Again! The answer to this question is simple; there is no unique way to connect with Android. You have to open Bluetooth in your Android smartphone and select AirPods. All done!

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