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25 Ideas to improve your conversion rate and boost your income

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25 ideas to improve your conversion rate and boost your income

Welcome ! If you are reading these lines, it is likely that you are not satisfied with the performance of your online store. If you are going to call your banker or your investor to ask him for an extension of marketing budget, wait a little.

There are generally 2 approaches to increase your turnover:

    Increase traffic: more visitors, more chances to generate income

    Increase its conversion rate: to transform more current visitors into buyers

The first solution is generally the most obvious: multiplying your marketing & media expenses means increasing your traffic and ultimately your turnover.

The second is actually the one that turns out to have the best return on investment, the least expensive and the quickest to implement. It is not impossible to multiply by 2 a bad conversion (so make x2 on your turnover) in a few weeks with a little elbow grease. Imagine the marketing budget necessary to double your turnover …

When we can identify and eliminate the weaknesses of our site, we remove all the obstacles that prevent a visitor from buying. We improve the experience and we develop confidence.

When we talk about improving the conversion rate, you have to think with your reptilian brain to bring the visitor to checkout. Anything that causes confusion, reflection or work for the user should be banned. Mark out the path of your future client! Keep in mind that the first reflex of a frustrated buyer is to close their navigation tab.

Below we have listed 25 verification or optimization points to improve your conversion rate.

improve shopify conversion rate which make me think

The Keep It Simple & Stupid (KISS) marketing principle applied to the web. Keep this title in mind as a mantra!

Home page

    Limit the number of contents in your first image carousel (slideshow): most of your visitors will not even see the second image! No need to assume that your visitors will browse your images to discover your great promotions and your new products …

    Add a call to action to each carousel image: each speaking must have a purpose. Do not use the best locations in your shop for decoration.

    Clearly advertise free shipping if you offer it. Otherwise, consider it (conditionally)! Shipping costs are more than ever the enemy of e-commerce.

    Show your products in situation: be in tune with your customers and help them to plan with your products. A product in its context of use is much more profitable than a range shoot.

    Simplify navigation: use consumer vocabulary, not your internal jargon, even if the marketing team doesn’t like it. The goal is to speak to as many people as possible.

    Limit the number of content on the homepage: multiplying the content (testimonials, ranges, reviews, brand history …) is multiplying the choice for the consumer and therefore the risk of losing it. Often less is better.

    Make hyperlinks that look like hyperlinks: that is to say at least with a color that contrasts with the color of normal text.

    Be explicit in your newsletter subscription forms. Clearly state the benefit, content and ideally how often the emails are sent. If you can, offer a promo code to be used on the first purchase.

    Remove parasitic sharing buttons: your goal is to convert your visitors, not to encourage them to follow you on Instagram. You have to keep your visitors in “shopping mode”. They will be able to find your social ties on their own in the footer.


    Make sure the payment button is prominent: make sure it does not compete with other buttons like update cart, quantity buttons, delete item etc.

    Remove unnecessary fields if possible, such as “leave instructions for your order”. Each additional step, each click is a risk that the user will not go to the end of the purchase tunnel. Preferably move the specific instructions / options to the level of the product sheet.

    Remove the stray visual elements around the payment button: in particular the credit card logos which disturb the reading of the page. If you really insist on putting them as reinsurance items, pass them in gray black & white.

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